Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Random Thoughts on "The Wolverine"

I watched "The Wolverine" and I gotta say that it is pretty good.  The main reason I suspect it was really well done was because it had little to do with actual superhero stuff...initially.  Here are some thoughts that you may or may not interpret as a review for the movie:

He is the best there is at what he does and so on and so forth...
- Big surprise here, but the movie is super violent.  That sentence was sarcastic, by the way, since Wolverine is normally a really violent character. So in this movie, he cuts, stabs, bludgeons, and slashes his way through a lot of cannon fodder Yakuza villains.  Wolverine, himself is also victim of being stabbed, diced, and shot.  I wasn't counting, but I would not be surprised if the body count was in the hundreds.

-The movie was set in Japan and it looks beautiful.  The majority of the movie really feels like one of those Chinese kung-fu movies that features a roguish, but noble character that protects people.  This is definitely where the movie was the best, even if the non-fight parts were kind of slow.

-Unfortunately, the Asian movie feel makes the end climax really weird in comparison, since that is straight up superhero stuff.  The lady Viper comes out in a full green costume that is pretty close to her comic book counterpart.  She also reveals to have, like, a dozen snake related powers, including gross skin shedding.  Also, Wolverine fights a giant, robot samurai.  It's cool to see a form of longtime Wolverine villain, Silver Samurai, but what is the point of having a giant robot?  It seems really impractical for the main villain's plan.  The last part of the movie just seems crazy over-the-top, especially when the rest of the movie was more muted and mundane.

-Overall, it was well done.  I will give this movie gets 4 out of 5 "Wolverine screaming to the sky"'s.

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Scottie Pippen 33

I know the NBA Finals were a few months ago at this point, but I wanted to show this portrait of the old Chicago Bulls' forward (and owner of multiple NBA Championship rings) Scottie Pippen.

I used to love watching him play alongside Michael Jordan and Dennis Rodman as a kid.  Pippen used be one of my favorite basketball players back in the day.  I used to have is old Bulls jersey and wear it everywhere I went.

 For this, I used a really old dry thick tip Sharpie marker to do all of the shading and basic face. For the details, lines, and the number "33" I used the G2 Gel pen.

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Optimus Prime

I saw "Pacific Rim"  over the weekend.  I will probably get to a "Random Thoughts" review in a later post about that movie.  However, it definitely reminded me of some of my favorite memories of Transformers and Godzilla.

Here is a picture of Optimus Prime that I drew for a friend of mine.  I love his old-school boxy look.  I am not a fan of the Michael Bay Transformers designs that look more like organized scrap metal put together.

This picture used a Papermate Flair medium size pen and a Sharpie to outline certain areas.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Animal Avengers

(top L to R) Lion Thor, Hawkeye, and Iron Rhino  (bottom L to R) Ele-Hulk, Captain Ameerkat, and Black Flamingo

I apologize for the lack of post in the past week.  I just got back from San Diego Comic Con where I saw so many of my favorite comic book artists.  It was a great trip and it is always a treat to see the faces behind some of my favorite comics.

I drew this picture of the animal parodies of the Avengers in anticipation of my involvement with the LA Zoo Comic Jungle.  However, it was only recently that I actually found this picture.  It was wedged between my sketchbooks and shoved in my closet.

The animals were thought out based on the Avenger's characteristic or a punny name.  My personal favorite is Captain Ameerkat, even though a lot people thought that he resembled more of an otter. Hhhhmmmm.... Back to the drawing board for me.

For the picture, I initially drew it with a mechanical pencil and then had it inked over with a  medium tip Papermate Flair marker.  I usually reserve using the Flair marker for bold lines, but since this is a cartoony picture, the lines should be more thicker.  For the heavy blacks, I used the Thick tip Sharpie marker.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Random Thoughts on "Despicable Me 2" and "Monsters University"

So over the weekend I watched "Despicable Me 2" and the weekend before that, I saw "Monsters University".  Both are kids movies that target the same audience.  They also both feature cute, silly monster things.  So, which one is better? 

By "pratfalls"  I actually meant "pitfalls".  I am a terrible writer....

While I really enjoyed both, I felt that "Despicable Me 2" got tiresome when every character acted in an over-the-top zany way.  And so many Minions.... I get that they are cute and all...but there are so many scenes that just went on and on because of Minion antics. 

Funny enough, the part where the army of mind controlled minions were climbing on a building to surround Gru reminded me of another summer movie:

If you see "Despicable Me 2", you will think of this scene.

I can't be the only one to make that comparison...

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

That's Really *&@%ing Weird

So I am starting a regular installment today called "That's Really %^&!ing Weird".  It is a document of something weird or bizarre that I either heard or has happened to me.

So I recently got around to gaming in the 21st century by creating an XBox Live account, so I am able to do XBox related things on the internet.  And after I created a profile, there was a little message on the bottom of the screen saying, "ELECTABLE WHALE 8 IS SIGNING IN".

I was thinking, "That's odd.  Who is Electable Whale 8 and why is he signing in?  Is he an administration friend that is requesting me to befriend him online? "

And that is when it struck me:  "I am Electable Whale 8!!"  This is weird for a number of reasons.  One, it XBox never asked me to create my own screen name.  And, also....Electable Whale?!?!  What is that?!  When I imagine an electable whale, I think of this....

"Electable Whale wants to remind you to vote in the next election!"

What is that!?  Why did XBox think that it was a logical screen name?!  Did they think, "Eric Lee...that sounds kinda like Electable Whale when you slur it!!  Brilliant!"

Being given the name Electable Whale 8 is odd.  But, not even know I was the Electable Whale 8 until I was playing a game?  That's really &^$!ing weird.

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Thor and Weird LA Weather

So I live in LA and boy is the weather weird.  Literally the day before it was super hot 95 degree heat and now it is raining.   How bizarre is that?

Inspired by the random rain is this Thor picture.  I did this on a whim when I was visiting my girlfriend's parents.  I liked how lines really radiated off the lightning.  Here is a fun game: try to spot the perspective error on this picture!

I drew this with a mechanical pencil and then inked it over with a myriad of pens.  First, I did it over with a G2 gel pen, then made some of the lines bolder with the Papermate Flair medium sized pen.  After that, I inked the smaller details with a .03 inch tip Staedtler art pen and a .01 inch tip for the even smaller details.

Monday, July 8, 2013

Movie Madness 2!!!

"Just because you are 'bad guy', doesn't mean that you are bad guy."

Welcome back to Movie Madness!  This is from one of my favorite movies from last year: "Wreck-It Ralph" (2012)!  I loved this scene from the movie because I got a giant nostalgia kick seeing Street Fighter villains, like Zangief and M. Bison, sitting alongside the Pac Man ghost and Bowser.

This picture is funny because I did the majority of it at my work, so the only real art supplies that were available to me were Crayola markers. And since I did not have a computer with me at the time, I also drew Wreck-It Ralph completely from memory!  Not bad for my first time drawing him!

This picture was drawn with a black Crayola marker.  I then shaded in the grey areas with a dry Sharpie marker.  This piece shows that you don't need fancy art supplies to make an awesome drawing!

Friday, July 5, 2013

Random Thoughts on "The Man of Steel"

I know that I said that my "Random Thoughts of 'The Man of Steel'" series was only two parts, but I actually happened upon one more picture that is relevant.  So what is a kid's perspective on the movie?

One of my kids from my day job drew it.  It is actually a pretty accurate summary of the movie's events.  I especially like General Zod's world engine ship in the top left corner.

For those of you who want to know, this was drawn in Crayola crayons and....that's it.  Nothing fancy here.

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Random Thoughts on "The Man of Steel" Part 2

Here is part 2 of my non-review of the recent Superman movie "Man of Steel".  A non-review meaning that these are more random thoughts than a essay with a linear structure.

"No, no, no.  Clark Kent is TOO obvious.  Let's go with... Klerk Cant!!!  No one will guess it now!"

Yes, but who will pay for all of the buildings you obliterated?

Regardless of my feelings for it, I hope that the movie does well (and it has been) because its success is the catalyst for a potential Justice League movie.  And if a Justice League movie can be at least half as awesome as "The Avengers", then I will love it.

Monday, July 1, 2013

Random Thoughts on "The Man of Steel"

So I got back from watching "Man of Steel".  It's an okay movie, but there were some plot elements that didn't feel very "Superman".  Instead of a full review, I am just posting some thoughts that I had while watching the movie in no particular order.

Goodbye, Metropolis.  Goodbye, normal way of life...

I guess people in the "Man of Steel" movie were pretty cool having Superman and Zod rain destruction upon them.

I will have part two of my non-review of "The Man of Steel" next time.