Thor and Weird LA Weather

So I live in LA and boy is the weather weird.  Literally the day before it was super hot 95 degree heat and now it is raining.   How bizarre is that?

Inspired by the random rain is this Thor picture.  I did this on a whim when I was visiting my girlfriend's parents.  I liked how lines really radiated off the lightning.  Here is a fun game: try to spot the perspective error on this picture!

I drew this with a mechanical pencil and then inked it over with a myriad of pens.  First, I did it over with a G2 gel pen, then made some of the lines bolder with the Papermate Flair medium sized pen.  After that, I inked the smaller details with a .03 inch tip Staedtler art pen and a .01 inch tip for the even smaller details.


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