Animal Avengers

(top L to R) Lion Thor, Hawkeye, and Iron Rhino  (bottom L to R) Ele-Hulk, Captain Ameerkat, and Black Flamingo

I apologize for the lack of post in the past week.  I just got back from San Diego Comic Con where I saw so many of my favorite comic book artists.  It was a great trip and it is always a treat to see the faces behind some of my favorite comics.

I drew this picture of the animal parodies of the Avengers in anticipation of my involvement with the LA Zoo Comic Jungle.  However, it was only recently that I actually found this picture.  It was wedged between my sketchbooks and shoved in my closet.

The animals were thought out based on the Avenger's characteristic or a punny name.  My personal favorite is Captain Ameerkat, even though a lot people thought that he resembled more of an otter. Hhhhmmmm.... Back to the drawing board for me.

For the picture, I initially drew it with a mechanical pencil and then had it inked over with a  medium tip Papermate Flair marker.  I usually reserve using the Flair marker for bold lines, but since this is a cartoony picture, the lines should be more thicker.  For the heavy blacks, I used the Thick tip Sharpie marker.


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