That's Really *&@%ing Weird

So I am starting a regular installment today called "That's Really %^&!ing Weird".  It is a document of something weird or bizarre that I either heard or has happened to me.

So I recently got around to gaming in the 21st century by creating an XBox Live account, so I am able to do XBox related things on the internet.  And after I created a profile, there was a little message on the bottom of the screen saying, "ELECTABLE WHALE 8 IS SIGNING IN".

I was thinking, "That's odd.  Who is Electable Whale 8 and why is he signing in?  Is he an administration friend that is requesting me to befriend him online? "

And that is when it struck me:  "I am Electable Whale 8!!"  This is weird for a number of reasons.  One, it XBox never asked me to create my own screen name.  And, also....Electable Whale?!?!  What is that?!  When I imagine an electable whale, I think of this....

"Electable Whale wants to remind you to vote in the next election!"

What is that!?  Why did XBox think that it was a logical screen name?!  Did they think, "Eric Lee...that sounds kinda like Electable Whale when you slur it!!  Brilliant!"

Being given the name Electable Whale 8 is odd.  But, not even know I was the Electable Whale 8 until I was playing a game?  That's really &^$!ing weird.


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