Movie Madness 2!!!

"Just because you are 'bad guy', doesn't mean that you are bad guy."

Welcome back to Movie Madness!  This is from one of my favorite movies from last year: "Wreck-It Ralph" (2012)!  I loved this scene from the movie because I got a giant nostalgia kick seeing Street Fighter villains, like Zangief and M. Bison, sitting alongside the Pac Man ghost and Bowser.

This picture is funny because I did the majority of it at my work, so the only real art supplies that were available to me were Crayola markers. And since I did not have a computer with me at the time, I also drew Wreck-It Ralph completely from memory!  Not bad for my first time drawing him!

This picture was drawn with a black Crayola marker.  I then shaded in the grey areas with a dry Sharpie marker.  This piece shows that you don't need fancy art supplies to make an awesome drawing!


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