Monday, April 14, 2014

Robocop Step by Step

While I know that drawing is not an easy task, I am always surprised to see how much prep work I needed to do.  Here is the step by step process of my Robocop commission.

Step 1: At first, I had to draw up a couple of poses for how both Robocops should look.  It was easy to get the 80's Robocop pose down easily.  But I had some trouble trying to figure out how to make him look natural.  Also, I drew out what the two Robocops looked like before starting on the actual picture.  After all, you need to practice the details of their figures before you see them in an action pose. I have already posted those pictures up, which you can see here and here.

Step 2:  I got the initial sketch down!  This is the fun part where I draw the action, but without going into boring details.  If you look at 2014 Robocop's bent leg, I drew a lot of scribbles.  The thought here is that I wasn't sure initially where his leg was going to go, so I figured I half draw it and figure it out as I added more details.

Note that ugly oil stain on the left side.  I don't know how it got there.  It looks ugly and unsightly now, but it won't be so bad when I finish the picture.

Step 3: I got most of the 80's Robocop done.  Notice that eighties Robocop's left arm is unfinished.  Upon closer look, you can see that instead of big lines of black on it, I drew in little tiny "x's" to indicate where I need to fill in with a black Sharpie later on.

Step 4:  Okay!! Now both Robocops are done!  The blacks are all filled in and I got all of the inking lines drawn in.

Interestingly, as I drew 2014 Robocop, I realize I might've made his figure a little bigger than 80's Robocop.  To fix that problem, I decided to draw his leg overlapping 80's Robocop's leg to give the illusion of depth and that 2014 Robocop is a little closer to the viewer.

Also, the gross looking oil streak is not as visible anymore.  Now I need to do a background.

Step 5:  Here is the final product.  For the background, I wanted to make it a little story going on in the back.  So you see 80's Robocop's police car with bullet holes in it, implying that 2014's Robocop shot at it.   Conversely, I also have 2014 Robocop's motorcycle laying in the back.

I drew in tons of debris and broken columns.  The idea here is that they are fighting in a parking garage and it demolished it in their battle.

Friday, April 11, 2014

Animal Sigils

A new project that I am working on is to make animal sigils to be put on some T-shirts.  I like the idea of Gestalt (as mentioned previously) and stripped down, simplified silhouettes.

From top to down: bear, lion, elephant, fox, and giraffe.  Of all of them, the fox and the giraffe are my favorite.  They are all hand drawn and then inked over with my Sharpie pen.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

College Comics 3

This is one of those rare instances where the strip is dated due to an old reference, in this case, mentioning "My Space".

However, this is pretty much how I still feel about MySpace and Facebook.  Actually, I take that back.  This strip is how I feel about people who overly use Facebook.

Randomly, I think that the joke in the first panel about how some guy buys a boat is hilarious.  I still chuckle to myself when I read it.

Monday, April 7, 2014

When I am supposed to be working....9

I was bored at church and I drew Shadowcat and Colossus in the Danger Room.  It is super sketchy and I wish that I had more space to draw, but I made due with what I had.

Of all of the things in the picture, I am happy with how the wall of spikes coming towards Colossus came out.  I drew it without the benefit with a ruler or any reference sketch lines.

The picture is drawn with a regular blue ballpoint pen, if you haven't figured it out.

Wednesday, April 2, 2014


As I said earlier, I am drawing up a commission for Robocop.  I posted a picture of the new Robocop, now here is the classic one from the 80's.

I realize while drawing this one, how much more easier it is, because his design is simpler and less busy angles and lines than the newer model.

Robocop was done with a Papermate Flair medium size pen for the lines, Sharpie fat marker for the blacks, and .01 cm tip pen for the tiny shadow lines and metallic glean.  I also tried to not totally draw his helmet to give it that cool gestal-esque quality.

Monday, March 31, 2014

New Robocop

Did you guys know that there is a new Robocop movie that came out this year?  I barely did.  Which I guess how a lot of people felt, since it is considered the first big box office bomb of the year.

Anyhoot, I am drawing the new black Robocop as a reference sketch for a commission that I am working on.  Note the sketch of his gun on the right hand corner.

Robocop was made by the engineers at Omnicorp.  This picture of Robocop was drawn with a G2 gel pen for the majority of the lines.  Next, he traced over with a Papermate Flair, followed by coloring in the blacks with a fat Sharpie.  And finally, the tinier shadow lines or metal shine were done with a .01 cm tip pen.

Friday, March 28, 2014

College Comics 2

This strip is already a huge improvement over my first strip.  It might because I already refined my cartoon style, it might be because I didn't have the pressure of already missing my first deadline weighing on me.  Whatever the reason is, I like this strip a lot more that my previous one.

Random side note: doesn't that tall, skinny guy kinda look like Sheldon from Big Bang Theory?
By God

No?  Maybe?  Just me?