Friday, March 25, 2016

When I am supposed to be working: The Question

One of my favorite non-popular comic book characters is the Question. Created by Steve Ditko, who is famous for co-creating Spider-Man. The Question is definitely an idiosyncratic character who is not for everybody. In the beginning of his creation, he is heavily influenced by Ditko's heavy right-wing like politics. 

In any case, I personally love drawing the Question because he is influenced by that noir atmosphere where he lends well to this heavy black and white ink approach. I did the figure of the Question with pen first, which I wish that I could have erased those extra lines.

Tuesday, March 22, 2016


Another Avengers picture. I drew this for a T-shirt or bag design, which is why the background is blank. The difference between this picture and previous pictures of the Avengers is that I am drawing with more black inking. I am trying to play with the shadows more and black out larger pieces of their costumes to imply the dark colors in their clothes.

One person I would like to point out in particular is the Hulk. I am also experimenting more with doing shadowing and gestalt-like designs where I limit the amount of lines being used. The Hulk is a good example of limit the actual lines on his body and utilizing the shadows to form his muscles.

Upon retrospect, I wished that Iron Man's right arm was longer. However, since the picture was already so crowded, I had to shorten it so it would fit on the page. One thing that I do like about the picture, is Captain America's shield. It is so difficult getting a perfectly round shape for his shield at that angle. When I drew it initially, it was slightly uneven. Fortunately, because of the shadowing, it helped cover some errors that I made.

Thursday, March 17, 2016

When I am supposed to be working: Conan

Here is a piece I did when I was super bored. Sometime last year, I saw Conan: The Barbarian starring Arnold Schwarzenegger for the first time ever. I mean I know of Conan and read his comics, but I have never seen the movie.

Conan's figure here is super easy for me: he has the bulky, muscular figure that is typical in a  comic book. The biggest challenge was whether his right hand makes sense or not. Like, is his wrist twisted in the correct way where it looks like that he is trying to wave the giant snake away.

Speaking of giant snakes, I take it back, that is the hardest part to draw. Since I did this in class, I had no reference what an actual snake head's shape should look like. It looks less like a snake and more of a brontosaurus head. I also was unsure how snake eyes should look. I ended giving him the blacked out eyes, but that made the snake look less intimidating. One thing I liked about the snake is the shadowing on the scales of it. It is strategically spaced out and individually inked. Not an easy feat, unless you are like me and have nothing else to do when sitting in class.

Monday, March 14, 2016

LBCE 2016: Daenerys

Hey, my first Game of Thrones picture! I am not that big of a Game of Thrones fan. I saw a few episodes, but it is not really for me. Still, I understand the appeal of the show and how passionate people are for the characters.

This is the only character I actually know, other than Peter Dinklage's character. I gotta admit, I am pumped! This looks way better than I imagined in my head. The shadows that fall on her face blends well with the blacks of the rest of the background. I also really enjoyed the way I drew the dragons too. The best part of the picture (in my opinion) is her hair. The braids look really good and the shadows on the ties of the hair enhances it and gives it more depth.

There is actually one mistake on the picture. I actually drew her eyelashes too long. However, even that looks great since it was my intention to give her really full lashes.

Evidently, this is another card backing for earrings that my booth sold at Long Beach Comic Expo recently. Here is how it appeared at the booth.

Friday, March 11, 2016


This was a quickie Flash picture I think I drew after watching an episode of The Flash. The main thing that I was trying to do differently is draw more smoke clouds following behind the Flash. I think the smoke typically makes  a picture look cooler looking. And the other thing about smoke is that it is quite easy to draw. The trick is making more clouds the closer it is to the source and less clouds the higher they are.

However, with this picture, I am not even sure what the smoke cloud is doing in the background. Is the Flash speeding away so fast that it leaves a smoke trail? Or is he running away from an explosion? Unfortunately, I did not draw it so clearly.

Monday, March 7, 2016

LBCE 2016: Silk

Silk is another picture I drew at Long Beach Comic Expo recently. Between the two most popular new characters to come out last year, Silk and Spider-Gwen and near the top. If you go to a convention, there are a surprising amount of cosplayers dressed as those two.

Silk's figure took a little bit of tinkering to get right. At first her right arm was way too long so I kept on having to shorten it until it looked appropriate. On the other hand (pun intended), I wasn't sure what pose her left arm should be. At first it was supposed to be clinging to the wall along side Silk's right arm, but then I decided to change it to make it a little visually different. 

Another part of Silk's body that I took an inordinately long time with is drawing her butt. Or more accurately, her butt and hips. It is difficult to get the female hips correct sometimes, especially since if it is in a crouching pose.

The best thing about this picture is her hair. I really like how it falls down in layers, which gives it more volume.

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

LBCE 2016: Batman Rejected Earring Card

Here is an alternative Batman earring card I drew, but ultimately went unused. I based this design of Batman on the Batman The Animated Series version. Hence the bigger shades of  black on the gloves and especially on his mask.

There is nothing terribly exciting about the picture. It is a well-drawn one, but I tried to keep the details down to a minimal when I thought that shrinking the image down on an earring card size would make it look to congested.