LBCE 2016: Daenerys

Hey, my first Game of Thrones picture! I am not that big of a Game of Thrones fan. I saw a few episodes, but it is not really for me. Still, I understand the appeal of the show and how passionate people are for the characters.

This is the only character I actually know, other than Peter Dinklage's character. I gotta admit, I am pumped! This looks way better than I imagined in my head. The shadows that fall on her face blends well with the blacks of the rest of the background. I also really enjoyed the way I drew the dragons too. The best part of the picture (in my opinion) is her hair. The braids look really good and the shadows on the ties of the hair enhances it and gives it more depth.

There is actually one mistake on the picture. I actually drew her eyelashes too long. However, even that looks great since it was my intention to give her really full lashes.

Evidently, this is another card backing for earrings that my booth sold at Long Beach Comic Expo recently. Here is how it appeared at the booth.


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