Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Lantern Corp Folders: Indigo Tribe

This is Indigo-1 of the Indigo Tribe (not corp) from the Green Lantern comics.  The Indigo Tribe is powered by compassion and has the ability to take any of the other lantern corps' powers and using for their own.  They are also made up of criminals who are brainwashed into believing in compassion.

This picture is nice.  I am pretty proud of it.  However, it was a somewhat big anatomy error in it that I will not say what it is.  This is one of the drawbacks for drawing without a pencil on a slick folder paper.  The Indigo-1 picture was actually the first folder picture that I did.  But my initial attempt to try to draw on a slick folder was not very successful.  But, here it is for your viewing pleasure:

Also, here is what the Indigo Tribe looks like in the Green Lantern:

Monday, February 24, 2014

Lantern Corp Folders: Larfleeze

This character is Larefleeze a.k.a. the Orange Lantern.  In the Green Lantern , he is powered by the light of avariance or greed.  This guy has the cool ability to steal power from other aliens and keep it for himself (Because he is greedy! Get it!?), making him ultra powerful.  So while all other lantern corps' ring battery goes up to 100%, Larfleeze's goes up to something like 1,000% in power.

This guys is hilarious in the comics, and this picture maybe my favorite of the Lantern corp drawings.  Like the rest of the drawings, I sketched Larfleeze out with a G2 gel pen and then inked him using a fat tip Sharpie.  The background army of possessed aliens were done with a dried up Sharpie.  I also did not have the benefit of sketching those background creatures because there would have been too many messy lines, so I had to free hand draw them.  It is much harder than most people think.

Larfleeze is probably one of the most popular new characters in comics in recent years.  He has only been around for, like, five years, and he already has his own ongoing series.  He is also a source of a lot of comedy because of his simple, child-like urge to own everything.  Here he is with his catchphrase: "Yuh-oh!"

By Doug Manhnke

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Lantern Corp Folders: Red Lantern

This is the Red Lantern a.k.a. Atrocitus. He is a relatively new character in the Green Lantern  comics.  Red Lanterns are powered by rage.  So the more rage and vengeful one is, the more powerful they are.  In the comics, Red Lanterns are known as being these wild dogs who cannot even speak, with the exception of Atrocitus.  The Red Lanterns have been so popular that they even have their own comic.

By Ed Benes
For my picture, it is drawn on a folder using a G2 gel pen and a thick tipped Sharpie.  Atrocitus is actually one of the easier Lantern people to draw, since he is just a big, scary looking alien.  Unfortunately, I drew him slightly off-model so he kind of resembles the Superman bad guy Darkseid (pronounced Dark Side).

By Jim Lee

Oh well.  I have to be mindful not to draw Atrocitus like that again in the future.

Monday, February 17, 2014

Lantern Corp Folders: Sinestro

This time I drew Sinestro in order to represent the entire Sinestro Corps (yes, he named an entire army after himself).  Sinestro has been a long time Green Lantern enemy.  He fought the Green Lantern for decades before wising up and thinking how much more effective he could be if he created an entire army to help him.  The result is one of the most epic Green Lantern comic story lines in years called The Sinestro Corps War.  Seriously, it's great.

By Ivan Reis

Oh and yes, that is an evil robot Superman in the back there.  It's a long story.

I drew Sinestro on a slick yellow folder with a G2 gel pen and a thick tip Sharpie marker.  Funny thing: Sinestro's mouth was not supposed to be opened like that, but since the Sharpie tends to bleed, the set of teeth became an opened mouth.  Let that be a lesson to those who use Sharpies; they can potentially bleed all over your picture if you are not careful. So beware when you need to draw fine details in a picture.

Monday, February 10, 2014

Lantern Corp Folders: Star Sapphire

Here is another picture that I drew on a slick folder that I got from Target.  This is the next Lantern corp from the comic Green Lantern: the Star Sapphire corp.

The Star Sapphires have been a Green Lantern rival for many decades.  However, it is only recently did they make rings to shoot laser beams at the GL's.  Their color representation is purple or violet.  The most notable thing about this corp is that they are all women.  Unfortunately, this also means that comic book artists put this all-women corp in the sluttiest, least practical costume ever.

"You are right.  Having the chest be practically topless is an awesome idea when fighting space aliens!"

I don't even feel comfortable drawing that!  If you look closely at my picture, I actually tweaked the Star Sapphire's costume to be slightly more modest.

Funny thing about my picture is that this is the second try.  I attempted a more conventional hero pose, but I totally screwed up the face.  The key to having pretty female faces is to give them tiny features, like, nose or a mouth.  However, I couldn't do that with the fat Sharpie pen and I screwed it up.  I am much happier going for a close up of Star Sapphire and it made it easier for me.

This picture was drawn with a G2 gel pen and then traced over with a fat tip Sharpie marker.  The background is done with a dried up Sharpie.

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Lantern Corp Folders: Green Lantern

I am trying a new experiment.  I was at Target and they have back to school stuff on sale.  So I went ahead and picked up a collection of different colored folders for only 15 cents each (cheap!).  So I am taking the time to draw on the slick folders the different color Lantern Corps from the Green Lantern  comic.

Green Lantern routinely features different armies of aliens with power rings that shoot out different colors.  So there is a green corp, a blue corp, a red corp, a yellow corp, a purple corp, an orange corp, and, most curiously, an indigo corp.  It's really hard to explain without getting super into the mythology of the Green Lantern, but suffice to say, it is really awesome.

So here is my first picture of the most famous Green Lantern, Hal Jordan.  He is drawn with only a fat tip Sharpie and a G2 gel pen for sketching.  Note:  the sketch lines are still visible because you cannot sketch on a slick folder using a pencil.  Also, there are some marker smear marks due to the slick cover making it hard for the marker to adhere to the paper.

Here is a picture of the Green Lantern corp done by a professional to give you a better idea of how expansive they are.

By Doug Mahnke

Monday, February 3, 2014

Red Hood Sketch

I am currently doing a commission piece of the Red Hood.  The Red Hood is the bad boy, rebellious former Robin Jason Todd.  Unlike the other Robins (yes, there are a lot of Robins), Todd was always angry and had no qualms murdering bad guys.  He now wears a red helmet and a leather jacket to have-I don't know-rebellious hero adventures.

Anyways, I sketched a character study, since I have never drawn the the Red Hood.  It was all done with a Sharpie marker, with a G2 gel pen to draw the initial sketch.