Lantern Corp Folders: Indigo Tribe

This is Indigo-1 of the Indigo Tribe (not corp) from the Green Lantern comics.  The Indigo Tribe is powered by compassion and has the ability to take any of the other lantern corps' powers and using for their own.  They are also made up of criminals who are brainwashed into believing in compassion.

This picture is nice.  I am pretty proud of it.  However, it was a somewhat big anatomy error in it that I will not say what it is.  This is one of the drawbacks for drawing without a pencil on a slick folder paper.  The Indigo-1 picture was actually the first folder picture that I did.  But my initial attempt to try to draw on a slick folder was not very successful.  But, here it is for your viewing pleasure:

Also, here is what the Indigo Tribe looks like in the Green Lantern:


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