Lantern Corp Folders: Sinestro

This time I drew Sinestro in order to represent the entire Sinestro Corps (yes, he named an entire army after himself).  Sinestro has been a long time Green Lantern enemy.  He fought the Green Lantern for decades before wising up and thinking how much more effective he could be if he created an entire army to help him.  The result is one of the most epic Green Lantern comic story lines in years called The Sinestro Corps War.  Seriously, it's great.

By Ivan Reis

Oh and yes, that is an evil robot Superman in the back there.  It's a long story.

I drew Sinestro on a slick yellow folder with a G2 gel pen and a thick tip Sharpie marker.  Funny thing: Sinestro's mouth was not supposed to be opened like that, but since the Sharpie tends to bleed, the set of teeth became an opened mouth.  Let that be a lesson to those who use Sharpies; they can potentially bleed all over your picture if you are not careful. So beware when you need to draw fine details in a picture.


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