Lantern Corp Folders: Star Sapphire

Here is another picture that I drew on a slick folder that I got from Target.  This is the next Lantern corp from the comic Green Lantern: the Star Sapphire corp.

The Star Sapphires have been a Green Lantern rival for many decades.  However, it is only recently did they make rings to shoot laser beams at the GL's.  Their color representation is purple or violet.  The most notable thing about this corp is that they are all women.  Unfortunately, this also means that comic book artists put this all-women corp in the sluttiest, least practical costume ever.

"You are right.  Having the chest be practically topless is an awesome idea when fighting space aliens!"

I don't even feel comfortable drawing that!  If you look closely at my picture, I actually tweaked the Star Sapphire's costume to be slightly more modest.

Funny thing about my picture is that this is the second try.  I attempted a more conventional hero pose, but I totally screwed up the face.  The key to having pretty female faces is to give them tiny features, like, nose or a mouth.  However, I couldn't do that with the fat Sharpie pen and I screwed it up.  I am much happier going for a close up of Star Sapphire and it made it easier for me.

This picture was drawn with a G2 gel pen and then traced over with a fat tip Sharpie marker.  The background is done with a dried up Sharpie.


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