Lantern Corp Folders: Larfleeze

This character is Larefleeze a.k.a. the Orange Lantern.  In the Green Lantern , he is powered by the light of avariance or greed.  This guy has the cool ability to steal power from other aliens and keep it for himself (Because he is greedy! Get it!?), making him ultra powerful.  So while all other lantern corps' ring battery goes up to 100%, Larfleeze's goes up to something like 1,000% in power.

This guys is hilarious in the comics, and this picture maybe my favorite of the Lantern corp drawings.  Like the rest of the drawings, I sketched Larfleeze out with a G2 gel pen and then inked him using a fat tip Sharpie.  The background army of possessed aliens were done with a dried up Sharpie.  I also did not have the benefit of sketching those background creatures because there would have been too many messy lines, so I had to free hand draw them.  It is much harder than most people think.

Larfleeze is probably one of the most popular new characters in comics in recent years.  He has only been around for, like, five years, and he already has his own ongoing series.  He is also a source of a lot of comedy because of his simple, child-like urge to own everything.  Here he is with his catchphrase: "Yuh-oh!"

By Doug Manhnke


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