Lantern Corp Folders: Green Lantern

I am trying a new experiment.  I was at Target and they have back to school stuff on sale.  So I went ahead and picked up a collection of different colored folders for only 15 cents each (cheap!).  So I am taking the time to draw on the slick folders the different color Lantern Corps from the Green Lantern  comic.

Green Lantern routinely features different armies of aliens with power rings that shoot out different colors.  So there is a green corp, a blue corp, a red corp, a yellow corp, a purple corp, an orange corp, and, most curiously, an indigo corp.  It's really hard to explain without getting super into the mythology of the Green Lantern, but suffice to say, it is really awesome.

So here is my first picture of the most famous Green Lantern, Hal Jordan.  He is drawn with only a fat tip Sharpie and a G2 gel pen for sketching.  Note:  the sketch lines are still visible because you cannot sketch on a slick folder using a pencil.  Also, there are some marker smear marks due to the slick cover making it hard for the marker to adhere to the paper.

Here is a picture of the Green Lantern corp done by a professional to give you a better idea of how expansive they are.

By Doug Mahnke


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