Thursday, November 26, 2015

When I am supposed to be working: Supergirl

I have always liked Supergirl. I really enjoy drawing a cute, but sexy face for her. The crazy thing about this picture is that I initially over-rendered her face with a lot more lines, crosshatching, and shading. But I took a hard look at it and decided that it made her look too old and put White-Out all over it to cover those old lines. It is comic book artist Jim Lee who once said that a female face should have as few lines as possible to avoid making her look ugly. I gotta agree with him on that one.

The sketch that I drew here was inspired by this old Supergirl cover where it is just her bust and head. I like the simplicity of it. It looks fun and just a hint of sexy. It really resonated with me even though this cover is, like, ten years old now.

By Michael Turner

The thing that I tried to do to make my picture look unique is making her have random strands of hair flying all over the place. The implication is that what long hair would do when it is in zero g. Also, it makes the picture seem more artistic.

Saturday, November 21, 2015

Emma Frost

Sometimes there are things that fall in place and make a happy accident. I drew this picture of Emma Frost of the X-Men and I made a mistake. While on a technical level, I really liked the way her body looked, the shadows on her, her hair, and the folds of her costume, I realized that I made a blooper. I made Emma's head a touch too big, which made her look like a little kid. Fortunately, I thought that I could hide the bigness by putting White-Out over part of her head, effectively shrinking it. However, when I scanned the picture into my computer, the paper gave it a unique look. And even more, the   White-Out made Emma's head really pop. So I put a White-Out outline around her whole body to maker her entire figure jump out. It makes the picture look really unique.

The other thing that helped was because the paper that I drew this on is actually blue. But when I scanned the picture, I didn't realize that my scanner would pick up on the saturated look of the paper. But that turned out to really different and fun looking. Yes, I love it when you get a nice surprise that you did not expect.

Thursday, November 19, 2015

When I am supposed to be working: Storm

I have been reading a lot of X-Men lately, so I have that on my brain. I also always enjoyed the way Storm looked in any of her costume iterations. So, with that being said, it has come to my attention that I always heavily critique my drawings, almost to the point where it sounds like I hate my stuff. But, despite how my blog posts sound, that is not true. As proof, I really like this drawing. Like, really really like it. There is only one flaw that I can see of it. According to my fiancé, Storm's left arm is too beefy looking. Like, it looks too muscular. I beg to differ, but I must admit that it is a strangely drawn arm. It almost looks like it is bent the wrong way. That was a mistake that I wasn't able to fix.

But as for the positives of the picture, I love the way the body looks. For example, my fiancé also says that Storm has an appropriately big booty. And her legs are nice and long and sexy looking. The same for the shading on her face. Typically, I overdo it on the shading and then I accidentally make the character look like they have blackface or something. But here, the shadowing looks perfect like the light is coming in around her face.

Another thing that looks really good is the clothing texture of her costume. It looks like it really is some material that is stretched across her body. Finally, the one thing that I really enjoy about this picture is the rain and lightning behind Storm. The rain looks wild and crazy. Additionally, I drew rain splatters and water running down her body to give it that extra detail to make it look like Storm is truly in the middle of the rain.

Friday, November 13, 2015

Darth Vader

Oh yes. Good ol' Darth Vader. If you recall, I have a storied history of not being able to properly draw Darth Vader. Like, my problem with this picture of him is that he still looks slightly off-model. Like, his head is not big enough or his eyes don't look quite right, or something. I think the reason is that Darth Vader's design is very mechanical looking, not unlike a car. It is sleek and each line and curve bleeds into the next one; so every line needs to be perfectly placed. However, I am not good at drawing precisely. When I draw humans, it is easier to hide that artistic flaw because humans physically don't look perfect to begin with. The other issue with this picture specifically is that I totally forgot how to make the light source consistent. Sometimes, it is bouncing off the right side of his face and sometimes it bounces off the left side.

The good things that I do like about the picture is that I like is the sense of shadow that I made for Vader. I also took the time to darken the whole picture, so the shadows bleed into each other, giving a really dark feeling. As random as it is, I really enjoy the way his clothes fold onto each other. When drawing his clothes, I was conscious of the idea of how the light falls on the folds of his tunic and cape. And it looks pretty darn good.

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

When I am supposed to be working: Superman

Here is an example of when I am not able to fit everything in a picture. Here is a picture of Superman, but can you tell what he is doing? My fiancé thought he was getting revved up for a high kick. However, what he is really doing is holding the Daily Planet globe while getting a worm's eye view of it. However, the issue is that I wanted to make the Daily Planet globe big, but it is so big that it falls out of the frame of the picture, so it is hard to give the impression that it is supposed to be an object. The other problem is that other than Superman, there is no sense of how big the Daily Planet globe because there is nothing else around it to give it scale. This is what I get for drawing this on a small 6x6 piece of paper.

One thing that this picture has going for it is that Superman looks great. I wanted to do a crazy low angle of him kneeling, which is surprisingly effective. I am glad that his huge left leg is drawn clearly enough to be recognizable. The other thing that I like about Superman in this picture is his face. It looks good because I casted the right amount of shadow on his face, where I obscure some of the details, like his eyes, but you can still see that it is a human face. Also, you can really see the sense of straining Superman is doing, implying that he is doing something strenuous.

Monday, November 9, 2015


For some reason, the Spider-Verse storyline that was in the Amazing Spider-Man comic had a few breakout stars.  One of them being Spider-Gwen and the other being Silk, a girl who got bit by the same radioactive spider as Peter Parker.  But since her first appearance only last year, I have seen a huge demand for Silk and Silk cosplay at comic conventions. I am not sure what makes her popular exactly.  Is it the costume? The fact that she is Korean?  Whatever it is, good job Marvel!

I drew this picture of Silk at work. The biggest tell that I drew this without the aid of my art tools is that the buildings are all crooked.  I had no ruler to help me figure out the lines and the proper perspective points. Like the buildings literally look crooked.  That should show people why it is so important to use a ruler on perspective-related objects. Despite the crookedness, the buildings do look pretty good.  It is due to me trying to draw the shadows of a building and less the actual lines of the structure.  For example, the windows are just partial shadows. I did not even draw in the entire line to complete the window shape. It makes the buildings look more realistic and allows viewers to make the connecting lines in their head.

Friday, November 6, 2015

Art Cards: Elsa

I will admit it right now: I love Frozen! It is easily the best Disney movie in a super long time! Also, there is something about drawing Elsa that is fun, because she has superhero-like powers. And her slicked back hair.  For some reason, the slicked hair is really fun.

As much as I love Elsa (and who doesn't?), I want to take the time to focus on the mountains behind her.  I usually draw mountains in a straight triangle, but now I realize that is not very realistic. So I looked up some references and drew the mountains' slopes in a  more crooked, realistic way.  And to make it even better, I took a .01 cm art pen and shaded in lines.  It is a simple adjustment to my style, but the results look fantastic.

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

When I am supposed to be working...Loki

Here is a quickie sketch I did of Loki.  I recently rewatched the original Thor movie and I really liked this one particular camera shot of Loki where he is deciding to kill Thor or not and he is sitting on the throne with his hand under his nose thinking.  It felt like a humanizing and pivotal moment where you are not totally sure if Loki is going to be redeemed or turn into an all-out villain.

For whatever the case is, that image really stuck with me. So I tried to recreate it. What is interesting is that his body language and posture needs to be very relaxed feeling, so I took some time making the shoulders and head placed in a certain way. Like, you think that it is such an easy, small detail to do, but it actually took a lot of time and energy to make the head tilted exactly right. An art choice that I wish I could change in retrospect is that Loki only has one finger under his nose, which looks too much like a he is wiping his nose.  If I could correct that, I would have two fingers under his nose, so it displays more of him in thought.