When I am supposed to be working: Supergirl

I have always liked Supergirl. I really enjoy drawing a cute, but sexy face for her. The crazy thing about this picture is that I initially over-rendered her face with a lot more lines, crosshatching, and shading. But I took a hard look at it and decided that it made her look too old and put White-Out all over it to cover those old lines. It is comic book artist Jim Lee who once said that a female face should have as few lines as possible to avoid making her look ugly. I gotta agree with him on that one.

The sketch that I drew here was inspired by this old Supergirl cover where it is just her bust and head. I like the simplicity of it. It looks fun and just a hint of sexy. It really resonated with me even though this cover is, like, ten years old now.

By Michael Turner

The thing that I tried to do to make my picture look unique is making her have random strands of hair flying all over the place. The implication is that what long hair would do when it is in zero g. Also, it makes the picture seem more artistic.


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