For some reason, the Spider-Verse storyline that was in the Amazing Spider-Man comic had a few breakout stars.  One of them being Spider-Gwen and the other being Silk, a girl who got bit by the same radioactive spider as Peter Parker.  But since her first appearance only last year, I have seen a huge demand for Silk and Silk cosplay at comic conventions. I am not sure what makes her popular exactly.  Is it the costume? The fact that she is Korean?  Whatever it is, good job Marvel!

I drew this picture of Silk at work. The biggest tell that I drew this without the aid of my art tools is that the buildings are all crooked.  I had no ruler to help me figure out the lines and the proper perspective points. Like the buildings literally look crooked.  That should show people why it is so important to use a ruler on perspective-related objects. Despite the crookedness, the buildings do look pretty good.  It is due to me trying to draw the shadows of a building and less the actual lines of the structure.  For example, the windows are just partial shadows. I did not even draw in the entire line to complete the window shape. It makes the buildings look more realistic and allows viewers to make the connecting lines in their head.


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