Monday, March 31, 2014

New Robocop

Did you guys know that there is a new Robocop movie that came out this year?  I barely did.  Which I guess how a lot of people felt, since it is considered the first big box office bomb of the year.

Anyhoot, I am drawing the new black Robocop as a reference sketch for a commission that I am working on.  Note the sketch of his gun on the right hand corner.

Robocop was made by the engineers at Omnicorp.  This picture of Robocop was drawn with a G2 gel pen for the majority of the lines.  Next, he traced over with a Papermate Flair, followed by coloring in the blacks with a fat Sharpie.  And finally, the tinier shadow lines or metal shine were done with a .01 cm tip pen.

Friday, March 28, 2014

College Comics 2

This strip is already a huge improvement over my first strip.  It might because I already refined my cartoon style, it might be because I didn't have the pressure of already missing my first deadline weighing on me.  Whatever the reason is, I like this strip a lot more that my previous one.

Random side note: doesn't that tall, skinny guy kinda look like Sheldon from Big Bang Theory?
By God

No?  Maybe?  Just me?

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Invisible Woman Redux

I had such a fun time drawing the Invisible Woman the first time that I drew a quick doodle of her the next day.  I am really trying to play with her hair style a little more and make it sexy while not too complicated.  I particularly like the swoop bangs on the left side of her face.

Since this was really just a quick sketch, this was done with a blue ballpoint pen.

Monday, March 24, 2014

Invisible Woman

This picture of the Invisible Woman from the Fantastic Four.  I initially drew the whole body and then decided that the Invisible Woman should be, well, invisible.

Incidentally, you should always draw the full body of a character, even if you know part of the body will be obscured, or in this case, invisible.  It really helps guide how to draw the body properly, otherwise, it'll come out all weird and stuff.

This was done with a Papermate Flair medium size marker for the majority of the lines and a Sharpie fat tip pen for the blacks.  The machinery in the background was done with a .05 cm tip pen so the details don't overwhelm the Invisible Woman in the foreground.  I kinda got a little too into drawing the machines on the left side of the picture because that side is really dark.

Friday, March 21, 2014

The Thing

The other week, I spent my entire weekend devouring the entire run of Mark Waid and Mike Wieringo's Fantastic Four.  The Fantastic Four is one of those comics that I wished that I would love more, given the historical importance of it (it was Marvel's first superhero comic ever).  However, most creative teams never held my interest, until Waid and Wieringo came on board.

So, I have Fantastic Four on the brain right now.  I figured I needed to draw the Thing and get it out of my system.  Despite, my numerous promises saying that I will never draw the Thing again, I am slowly warming up to him artistically.  Also, there is a scene in Fantastic Four #502 made me a converted Thing fan.  Go ahead and do yourself a favor and try to find this comic.
By Mike Wieringo

The Thing is brought to you by thick Crayola black markers, ballpoint pens, and contributions from viewers like you!

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

When I am supposed to be working....8

It has been a while, but I am posting a new picture from work.  Here is Catwoman.  She is done with a pen and a fat Crayola marker. Why do I still use a children coloring markers?  Because that is what is available to me at work.

In any case, I am happy with how her figure turned out.  I am less happy with the background, which is supposed be a museum.  I now wish I added a more shadow, gestalt look to the museum.  And also, it is painfully obvious that I don't have a ruler to help me make straight lines.

Monday, March 17, 2014

College Comics

I was digging in my room and I recently found my collection of comic strips that I drew for my college newspaper.  I will be posting these and making commentary and critiques on them.  Some I found to be genuinely funny, while others sucked from an art standpoint (I had three other jobs and school at the time, so cut me some slack).

This the very first comic strip that my school paper published.  There is a funny story here: I did not check my email that week, so when I did finally check, I found out that not only did I get the job, but I was supposed to submit a strip a day prior.  So, I immediately fell behind the deadline.  Whoops.

Anyways, I don't really care for this strip's art.  It was done with a regular ballpoint pen and the characters' figures and hands were wonky.  I am actually tempted to go back and redo this in my current style.

Friday, March 14, 2014

Random Thoughts on "Justice League: War" Part 2

Last time, I was pretty harsh on the direct to video movie "Justice League: War". There are some good stuff too.  For example, there is a mini subplot involving Cyborg and Shazam bonding together.

There is some good character interaction between these two because they had a relationship before Cyborg became a robot superhero.  It is kind of weird, but interesting.  It is made even more interesting since I don't even think these characters ever interacted with one another in the comics.

There was one part of the movie that stuck out to me because it was so hilarious.  Green Lantern, in his never ending stupidity, tried to take on the main bad guy by himself only to get his arm broken, pimp slapped, and then immediately trounced by Parademons.  It was really funny how quickly they came to beat the tar out of him.  I don't know if it was intentional, but I liked it.  Here is the clip of it.

I think of all the Justice League, the Flash came off the best.  He is the only one who was not an idiot or a terrible murderer.  He was shown being competent and heroic.  Great job, Flash!  I would love to see you in another movie.... Except "The Flashpoint Paradox".  That movie was downright disturbing, which is not the feeling I want from a superhero movie.

Overall, this movie was not good.  I can't give it anymore than two Green Lantern being pummelled by Parademons. 

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Random Thoughts on "Justice League: War"

Last month, I watched the direct to DVD movie "Justice League: War".  It is a straight adaption of the relatively recent comic story line "Justice League: Origin" which retells how the Justice League got together.

The weird thing about it was that I read the original comic story and I thought that it was a vapid, but harmless story.  However, the movie version, despite being more-or-less the same, seems really terrible.  Like, "I wouldn't want to show this to my kids" kind of terrible.

One of the biggest problems is that the heroes are generally really awful or stupid people, with Superman being the worst. Superman in this movie is not heroic, nor is he a boy scout.  He is a bully at best and a murderer at worst.  Killing Parademon cannon fodder is one thing, but he straights up breaks a villain's neck with no hesitation.  At least "Man of Steel" had him reluctantly killing the bad guy because he had no choice.  This Superman is pretty kill happy.

Almost all of the Justice League comes of really bad.  Wonder Woman is oblivious to modern society and swings a sword at innocent peoples' faces all the time.  Shazam's kid alter ego Billy Baston is a selfish, bratty kid who steals and cons people.  And then there is the Green Lantern....

Oh Green Lantern.... you come off so stupid in this movie....  At no part in this movie does Green Lantern seem helpful.  Anytime he does something heroic, he either screws it up or quickly is dispatched.

And what is worse, Green Lantern looks like an idiot to help make Batman look good.  Green Lantern meets Batman and immediately gets chumped by him when Batman steals the power ring off his finger without him noticing.  The final straw of Green Lantern's stupidity is when Batman has to tell him how to use his own power ring.  It's really bad.

But, it is not all bad. There are some good stuff too.  I will tell you more in my next post.

Monday, March 10, 2014


Continuing my critiquing of Jim Lee's art on the Justice League,  this is my rendition of a Parademon, Darkseid's personal foot soldier.

And at the risk of sounding redundant, Jim Lee's redesign of the Parademon is lacking.  It has way too many intricate lines and looks too busy. It is so overly complicated, not even Lee draws the Parademon the same.  They literally change every panel.  My redesign made it simple and eliminated the unnecessary lines.

By Jim Lee
I wish that Jim Lee would be consistent with his own character designs...
Disclaimer:  I am a huge fan of Jim Lee's art.  But he has a terrible design sense.

Saturday, March 8, 2014


Like the previous Cyborg post, Darkseid is drawn because I needed a reference for a future drawing.  Darkseid was also redesigned recently by Jim Lee, but unlike Cyborg, I like Jim Lee's design a little bit more.

So I ended up not changing that much of the comic's design.  I simplified some of the lines and made the boots look different, but it is relatively untouched.  For me, simplicity is key to having a good costume design.

There is a very specific need to have comic book characters' costume designs not be overly busy.  It is time consuming to draw and is easy to go off model.  If you don't believe me, look at how many different variations there are of Cyborg.  No two artists can draw him the same.

Wednesday, March 5, 2014


This is Cyborg of the Justice League (formerly of the Teen Titans).  I initially drew this because I needed reference for another post.  Cyborg was recently revamped with a new look as a part of DC Comics New 52 initiative to make their characters more modern.

The new design by Cyborg is done by Jim Lee and as much as I love Jim Lee as an artist, his designs are overly complicated and not attractive.  Cyborg definitely got the worse design in the New 52 revamp in my opinion.

Nevertheless, I greatly simplified his design so I don't spend hours drawing Cyborg.  I got rid of a lot of panels and unnecessary lines.  I also slimmed Cyborg's figure down, because he looks ridiculous as a bulky suit.

New 52 Cyborg by Jim Lee

Sorry Mister Lee, your art is awesome, but your sense of design is not appealing to me.

Monday, March 3, 2014

Lantern Corp Folders: Blue Lantern

This is the last in the Lantern Corp Folders series.  This is one of the Blue Lanterns, who are powered by the blue light of hope.  These guys are like the saints of the Green Lantern universe.  This character is literally named Saint Walker!  How can you not like this guy?  He is just so happy all of the time!

I really like this picture a lot because it is probably the most action packed of the Lantern Corp Folders series.  Like all of the previous pictures in this series, the sketching is done with a G2 gel pen and covered with a fat tip Sharpie.

For reference, here is a couple of the Blue Lantern Corp members from the comics:

By Doug Mahnke