This is Cyborg of the Justice League (formerly of the Teen Titans).  I initially drew this because I needed reference for another post.  Cyborg was recently revamped with a new look as a part of DC Comics New 52 initiative to make their characters more modern.

The new design by Cyborg is done by Jim Lee and as much as I love Jim Lee as an artist, his designs are overly complicated and not attractive.  Cyborg definitely got the worse design in the New 52 revamp in my opinion.

Nevertheless, I greatly simplified his design so I don't spend hours drawing Cyborg.  I got rid of a lot of panels and unnecessary lines.  I also slimmed Cyborg's figure down, because he looks ridiculous as a bulky suit.

New 52 Cyborg by Jim Lee

Sorry Mister Lee, your art is awesome, but your sense of design is not appealing to me.


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