Monday, February 29, 2016

LBCE 2016: Batman

This Batman picture became a basis for an art card that I sold earrings on at Long Beach Comic Expo. The image is so great because it looks like there is a story behind it. Like, why is Batman in the alley? How did the Joker get there too? And what is the Joker going to do next to Batman to make him brace for a big thing?

On a technical level, I really enjoyed the fact that it looks so immersive. The alleyway, the details on the bricks, the smoke behind Batman. It all looks awesome. Also, the way I drew Batman is part of how I am trying to limit the amount of lines I use on a figure and make the shadows fill in the details. It particularly useful for Batman, since he is all shadows a lot of times.

Friday, February 26, 2016

LBCE 2016: Nightwing

Here is a picture I drew of Nightwing (aka the first Robin) at Long Beach Comic Expo this past weekend. Part of the reason of why I was inspired to draw Nightwing is because I have been rematching Batman: The Animated Series over the course of a month and man, do I love the sound of the Nightwing theme music.

It is so heroic sounding with its bombastic drums and trumpets. More so, it is also recognizable and familiar. I would say it is as catchy as the theme from Indiana Jones.

Anyways, enough about music. I am really here to talk about my drawing. As you could see in the background, I am currently making sure I am using a lot of smoke effects to give the picture a heighten sense of drama to go along with the fire. Nightwing himself also has very few lines on his body. Most of his body is outlined by the raging fire streak in the background really. Also, the shadows almost totally dominates his body. We don't even see his face. I think it is a great looking picture; I am especially proud of how the Nightwing symbol looks on the blacks of his costume and against the fire.

Comic-savvy fans may notice there is a resemble to the iconic Daredevil image from the seminal storyline Born Again. While I definitely had the image in my head, you can tell the obvious differences in the picture. However, if I could go back and do it again, I would totally use this picture as reference to make it match the Daredevil picture more, so it could look more like a straight homage.
by David Mazzucchelli

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

LBCE 2016: Pac Man

For the recently passed Long Beach Comic Expo, my wife had the idea to sell earrings of characters like Pac Man, Batman, and dragons. She also suggested that I draw the earring backing boards that the earrings would be pinned on.

So here is my first one with Pac Man on it. It is nothing special. Pac Man is not even necessarily totally circular. The sketchy blacks are all totally intentional by the way. It gives the drawing more texture instead of flat blacks. The sides of the drawing are the inks blending out. For that I used a black Copic marker on the sides.

Here is what the drawing look like as an earring card with the earrings attached to it. Notice that the blacks are much more darkened here.

Thursday, February 18, 2016

Tyrannosaurus Rex

I felt inspired to draw a Tyrannosaurus Rex the other day. Blame it on watching Jurassic World or blame it on me being bored, but I wanted to draw a T-Rex.

I have never been good at drawing animals. The main reason being because animals have radically different shapes for their skulls compared to humans. This T-Rex turned out really well. I am particularly happy with the cross-hatching. I tried to make the cross hatching natural and not too overbearing.

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Darth Vader

I said it before, but man is Darth Vader hard to draw for me. He is less of a person with a real anatomy and more like a car. Or to quote Obi Wan Kenobi: "He's more machine now, than man".