Thursday, January 26, 2017

The Mummy

Back when I was a kid the Brendan Fraser Mummy remake was one of my favorite movies. But enough about that one, I will always appreciate Boris Karloff's version of the Mummy. 

I am trying a new technique where the shadows bleed into the actual face. It turned out quite nicely because the shadows imply deep cuts on the face. Like, the eyes look like they are sunken. Similarly, his cheeks are cut so deeply that the shadows practically engulf them. Overall, a great looking effect that gives a sense of creepiness.

Monday, January 23, 2017

Obi Wan Kenobi

"Hello, there!"
This started as a quick sketch of Obi Wan (the Ewan McGregor version) before I decided that it looked cooler with inks applied to it. The shadows definitely give more drama to the scene. 

It also tends to frame his face better. I have said in the past that likenesses are not my strong suit. Fortunately, shadows tend to hide those flaws while giving you more realism in the picture.

If I had one complaint, I am looking back at the picture, I wished I didn't make Obi Wan's left sleeve so weird looking. I meant to give it wrinkles, but it looks more like "ribbed for her pleasure" if you get my meaning....

Friday, January 20, 2017

When I am supposed to be working: Mister Freeze

I have always liked Mr. Freeze ever since seeing him in Batman: The Animated Series 20 years ago. He always had a retro look, which is perfectly in line with the series' art deco-influenced designs. I also really liked the way his face is drawn in the comics where his face is up lit and you just see the deep shadows of his face. It makes it look cool to see how his armor creates this very stark light that whites out a lot of his face.
By Mark Buckingham

That is the effect that I was going for here. Of course, since this was a pen sketch, you still see my lines a little bit. One nagging thing about this picture is that Mr. Freeze's head is a might too big for his body, but it is not super noticeable.