Inktober Twenty-Three thru Twenty Seven

Argh....I've been slacking off on my blogging. I've been on vacation and busy at the day job. Any case, here is another selection of Inktober posts.

Day 23: Muddy with The Dark Knight Returns Batman and the Mutant Leader.  Done with Sharpie and Papermate Flair markers on cardstock.

Day 24: Chop with Samurai Jack. Simple, but awesome looking. I think this only took me less than ten minutes, but got the most likes on my Instagram. I took advantage of the splatter effect on the iPad.  Done on Procreate.

Day 25: Prickly. Done on Sharpie on printer paper.

Day 26: Stretch with Mr. Fantastic. I personally hate this picture because I did this literally before going to the work in the morning. The proportions bother me, especially the eyes. Done on Procreate.

Day 27: Thunder with Thor. Fun but a little flat. Maybe if I have time, I'll add extra effects to it to make the picture pop more. Done on Procreate. 


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