Inktober Days Nineteen through Twenty-Two

Day 19: Scorched with Starfire from 'Teen Titans'. I personally love how the effect of her glow was done. I drew around Starfire's figure and purposefully left a lot of white space around her. Then I used the Gaussian Blur effect on Procreate to give it that blurry glow. This was an accident, but it was a happy one. Done on Procreate.

Day 20: Breakable with the Hulk. I wanted to emphasize the busted up look of the buildings and debris. I drew the Hulk and then shrank him down to make him not the focus of the picture. Done on Procreate.

Day 21: Expensive with Biggie Smalls aka Notorious BIG. I tried to recreate Biggie's iconic picture. However, I think I made him look more sad that serious. Done with Sharpie and Papermate Marker on cardstock paper.

Day 22: Drain. I tried to make the picture a little more abstract. It takes a moment to get it. Done on Procreate.


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