Fan Retrospective: 'The Long Halloween'

Art by Tim Sale

I love the Batman graphic novel The Long Halloween, written and drawn by Jeph Loeb and Tim Sale. The story is a murder mystery set in Batman's second year of crimefighting. Perhaps what elevates the story is the amazing art by Sale. He is not a realistic artist, but instead draws and exaggerates what would be the most dramatic. Looking back it is clear him and Loeb play to each other's strengths. 

I got a chance to review it over at Dark Knight News and Fantastic Universes. While technically a review, these articles are more like literary analysis and annotations for the series. It felt satisfying going back and finding little details I never spotted before. For the sake of propriety, I will be posting my reviews here as they are released over the course of a year.

Hence, enjoy my annotations of the first chapter and the second one


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