Inktober Days Ten thru Twelve

 Day 10: Flowing. Yes, this is a panel from my Webtoon, The Breakup Artist. Yes, I am totally self-promoting. Part of the challenge on Instagram is that I try to post the Inktober prompts and then on certain days also post a Breakup Artist related announcement. This time I made it the same post. I particularly love doing Amber's hair on in the comic, so sue me. Done on Procreate.

 Day 11: Cruel. I try to always make a story out of each Inktober panel. This one seems to have resonated with a lot of people for reasons. Done on Procreate.

Day 12: Whale. I think I was behind and needed to throw together a quick drawing. When I did this, I wanted to evoke that one whale scene from Finding Nemo. I don't expect people to understand what they are looking at when they first see this. Done on Procreate. 


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