MCU Card: Black Panther

Yeah, I have not posted in a while. Over a year while. Why is that? I went through a couple of major life changes, but the real point is I just neglected the website.

I will be giving more time to the site. If nothing else, I've been doing some comic news reporting on two sites now: Dark Knight News and Fantastic Universes. Both have been wonderful sites to work on and I've met some great, fun people working there. So going forward, I will be posting my articles and work from these sites here.

Enough of That News

Any case, this Black Panther picture is now two years old I believe. I really like how I make his costume that flat black style. That is done as a purely stylistic choice. But, also it is because the movie costume is so complex with it's detailing and texture. It looks amazing on-screen, but it is a pain in the butt to draw.


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