Wonder Woman Day

This is embarrassing because I originally timed this post to occur the day after Wonder Woman day, which was in September and now it is the end of November. In any case, I drew this bust picture in honor of her.

One thing that I absolutely hate doing and am still learning how to draw is women's hair. My wife tells me that I never draw enough volume in it. I am still learning what that means. I any case, I am trying to make the hair as voluminous as possible. Interestingly, this picture has some digital manipulation. Not to point to my mistakes, but I drew her mouth too close to her nose so because of that her face looked ugly. Fortunately, thanks to the miracle of computer technology, I was able to digitally fix her mouth and bring it down lower on her face.

I do wish that I made her eyes a bit smaller though. Her eyes are huge and it would have benefited to have her eyes to be slightly more proportioned to her face.  One thing that I am proud of is the feathering inking effect on her body, specifically on the right side of her face and her ear. It just looks really cool how it subtly blends into the blacks of her hair.


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