Winter Soldier

Oh I have been watching and rewatching Captain America: Civil War on repeat and it still amazes me how well done the movie's portrayal of the Winter Soldier is. Especially for a relatively new comic character, he feels like he has so much history and interconnected experiences with other characters.

I am testing out my new style here some more where I create tons of black shadows and have a dominating light source. I try to make it obvious where the light source is coming from in the piece. In this case, it is on Bucky's upper right hand side. If you haven't heard of him, I am greatly inspired by comic artist Chris Samnee, who drew Daredevil and currently doing amazing art in Black Widow. He really uses the shadows as a way to tell where the image ends and begins so well. He also has a slight cartoony look, but his stupendous adherence to the light source and blacks grounds his pieces in reality.


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