When I am supposed to be working: Princess Leia

Here is a drawing I did of Princess Leia that I did at work. I did say previously that I was in a Star Wars kind of mood. I have been drawing Star Wars characters all day.

This picture gave me the personal challenge of her left hand going over her gun handle. It is a challenge because it is easy to make her hands too big. I always make fingers too big when a person holds a gun because I am more concerned with the fingers gripping this fat gun handle, if that makes sense. However here, I tried to be vigilant of fat fingers and giving them space in between the fingers. The end result is that her hands look much more feminine and the picture looks better for it.

An interesting challenge that I did not know how to draw properly is Leia's hair Buns. I didn't know how to properly find the lighting on her hair correctly. For some reason, I got tripped up by the shape. In the end, I just gave more lighting to the middle spot of her hair bun and less as it gets lower and higher. The other issue with her hair buns is that I didn't know which direction to draw her hair strands on the buns. This is due to having no real life experience observing how hair is wrapped up in a bun.


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