The Hulk Green

Here is another image that I drew digitally via the Medibang Paint app. I know that it sounds like a plug, but it is free, so if you are interested in digital art, then there is no reason not to try it.  The Hulk here suffers from what my wife calls boxy hairs. And it is boxy. I don't know why I make it like this. I know specifically, in the case for the Hulk, it is because I was so involved with making his hair curly like Mark Ruffalo's hair that I may have not realized the overall shape that I was making with his hair.

The picture is also another exercise in trying to utilize more stark shadows to make the shape of the figure. It is more naturalistic in real life, because we don't see things made up of literal lines, we see things by the level of shadows and how much light shines on objects. So with that in mind, I am also trying to minimize lines on my figures, which is why there are parts of the Hulk's hand and neck that have no lines.


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