When I am supposed to be working: Thor

Here is a one of the few times that I am drawing a picture with solely pencils. I have mentioned in the past that I like the pencils being sketchy because it gives the the picture some extra texture that would otherwise get lost in inking process. Of course, one downside of it is that it is harder to adequately capture the details of the picture on my scanner. But whatever. Like, can you tell that Thor is in the rain? It is fairly faint, so it wouldn't surprise me if you cannot.

Another unintended side effect of doing pictures in pencils is that it appears more real. With my inks, I tend to do bolder lines. But with pencils, I can play with perceptions more and do more shadowing without using crosshatching. For example, look at how his feet just disappear in the rain. You probably wouldn't have even noticed that detail unless you stare carefully at it. The whole image is kinda like that. If you squint, you can easily imagine the figure of Thor looking quite realistic.


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