When I am supposed to be working: Captain America

Here is a little doodle I drew when I was bored one day. I drew on a pamphlet that had a binder paper look with 'fake' drawings on it. So while it looks like I drew it on binder paper, it is actually nice, slick paper with a binder paper design.

Not that any of this matters. I want to really bring the attention to Captain America. I really liked the way the shadows fell on his body. I originally was not going to make his right side covered in shadows, but when I was sketching, I noticed that I can use it to establish a light source. That is something that I am still struggling with sometimes: making sure I have a consistent source of light, by making the shadows consistently on the same side. I still don't know if I successfully established that. Cap's shield may be not quite in line with the shadowing of the rest of Cap's body.

The foreshortening of Cap's left arm is pretty good. It is difficult to make sure that Cap's forearm is bigger than his shoulder here because it establishes the perspective and depth in the shot. At first, I wasn't sure if I properly foreshortened his arm the appropriate length but after stepping back and looking at it again, I think it looks natural.


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