Eagle Con 2016: Naruto

Despite this slightly blurry image, this picture is pretty cool. One of the biggest challenges for this picture is getting fire to look, well, like fire. Fire is something that does not have a consistent form and is always fluid. It is hard to convey that it a static image. If this was animation, it would be easier to see the flames. For flames, I try to show off the shadowing in the fire to give it some form. I also try to make sure that there is proper lighting and crosshatching in the background to give a, I don't know, sketchy effect that fire gives off.

One drawback about this picture is that it is supposed to show Naruto's Nine-Tails Chakra form, but since this was done on a trading card, it is hard to see his nine tails. Also, I wished that I made Naruto more dynamic looking. Here, he looks a little stiff and not in a very interesting pose.


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