Colored Stuff

I recently discovered this amazing new app called MediBang Paint. It more or less functions like Photoshop where it allows me to draw and color a picture in transparent layers. This really opened up my ability to show off my coloring skills.

Overall, the app is has everything that an artist can want to create digital paintings: digital rulers, a wide array of drawing tools, color wheel, adjustment of opacity, comic panel grids, and so much more. It is a fantastic app that I would recommend to every artist who wants to try digital art. Best of all, it is free.

Anyways, enough marketing for the app. This picture is an original character for a story that I am writing and drawing. Not much will be revealed of her yet, but she is a villain. The coloring on her was pretty on point. Especially the lighter colored highlights on the body. My favorite part of the picture is easily her hair. Her hair looks very natural and smooth and does not have sketchy lines. It looks natural and organic.


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