Eagle Con 2016: Deadpool, Iron Man, and Spider-Man

I know that there are Iron Man and Deadpool on this picture as well, but I really prefer to focus on talking about Spider-Man. I will let you know right now, if I haven't already mentioned it, I love, love, love drawing Spider-Man. He is my absolute favorite character to draw. And the simple reason of why I love to draw him is because he is a character that lends himself to outrageous poses.

Like this one that I drew for this picture. He is so fun too draw with because most other character has that level of posablility. Like here, he is swinging in and mid-swing he is already shooting another thread of webbing. I also prefer drawing Spider-Man on the skinny, lithe side. The coolness of Spider-Man is his agility and making him too bulky takes away from that agile feel of the character.


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