The Punisher vs. Daredevil

Like I have been saying, I have been playing with the whole non-complete lines effect when drawing superheroes. It always looks way cooler when I don't complete the lines and let people connect the lines in their heads.

I am not sure why it has never come up sooner, but I had a lot of trouble drawing incomplete hands with the fingers. Especially if those fingers are not bunched up like a fist, for some reason.  Anyways, drawing the Punisher and Daredevil are excellent subjects to draw cuz of the Punisher's flat black outfit and Daredevil's outfit always had like a shiny gleam to it, making very conducive to deep shadows.

It wasn't my intention at first, but I initially gave Daredevil some Adam West-style Batman eyebrows on his mask. I wanted to make Daredevil look angry, but it made him look inquisitive. Anyways, I drew over it to cover up the eyebrows.


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