The Dark Knight Returns

I read on another artist's blog that it is important to teach yourself to draw the backgrounds and vehicles to the point where you actually enjoy drawing it. I am certainly trying to take that advice to heart. While I am not at that level of being comfortable drawing the building tops, I am getting more used to it.

However, I still hate drawing buildings. I drew the picture of Batman versus Two-Face, a scene that is depicted from first issue of The Dark Knight Returns graphic novel, a few weeks ago. But I just left it there uncompleted. I only recently went back to finish off the whole thing and draw in the buildings.

Still, it helps that I decided to make the buildings blacked out to keep the light source from a consistent direction. The biggest tip that I could give about drawing the city scape is make sure your light source is always consistent and-most importantly- keep the perspective lines straight. That is the biggest one and hardest rule to keep when drawing buildings, to make sure your consistently drawing from the same perspective point. It sounds simple, but it is not.


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