Pencilled Dr. Octopus

Here is a slightly different format that I am trying out. I have pencilled a picture of Dr. Octopus and then the next post will show what he looks like inked. It really shows the differences that an inking process can have on the picture. But for now take a look at the pencil lines on Dr. Octopus.

For me, when I look at original comic art, I prefer the sketchy lines of a pencil drawing. There are a lot of shading and textured feel of penciled art that gets lost once it gets inked. A good example of textured feeling is the way the shadowed lines on Dr. Octopus' coat looks on this picture. The lines are so fine that they blend together better and appear like a gradient. Another detail that I would like to point out is the hands. The lines on the outline of his hands is so much more detailed and darker than the rest of his body. This really draws more attention to how his hands are posed in a  regal, aloof way. The dark lines emphasizes more character in the piece. This is the level of detail that a picture loses when it gets inked over.


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