MCU Cards: Captain America and Ultron

When I went to Long Beach Comic Con last month, I actually sold a ton of art cards there.  Like, more than any other show that I have done in the past.  This, of course, leaves me to refill my inventory of cards. Both of these cards are from the Avengers: Age of Ultron movie that came out this past summer.

I really liked Captain America's latest outfit in the movie.  It definitely looks like they took the best parts of the previous movies' costumes and combined them into this one. With this card and Ultron's card, I started using a thicker Flair marker to draw with. While I like the black boldness of the lines, I don't know if it is appropriate for drawing on a tinier trading card. Like, it may make the character stand out a little too much on the background. And it also makes the figure look strangely flatter...if that makes any sense.  Random, but I feel obliged to talk about the blacked-out mid-torso of Captain America.  This is a new thing that I am trying, to simulate the shadows and imply that it is bent over a little.

Ultra's card is something that I am not a fan of.  The biggest problem is that I simply drew him off model.  Like, I am not a fan of drawing robots or mechanical looking things because they have an overwhelming amount of detail that it is easy to forget things.  It is a real challenge to strip it down to make it a little easier to draw, but still detailed enough to look cool. So, yeah. I am not a fan of the way I drew Ultron. It only vaguely looks like Ultron. One day, I will try to redraw him in a more on-model look.


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