Art Cards: Toph

Toph may possibly be my favorite character from Avatar: The Last Airbender. She acts like such a non-stereotypical girl with no love interest.  That is actually surprisingly rare.

One thing that I like is her ridiculously huge evil smile that she has sometimes. Normally, when I draw a person smiling, I draw white, implying teeth in their mouth. But for Toph, I decided to draw more lines in her teeth to make her look more...evil? Sure, lets go with evil.

Something that I am afraid of doing is drawing excessive lines on characters' faces to imply a heavy light source underneath their face.  A lot of times, when I try to draw the lines, it just comes off as messy.  But here, it looks pretty good. A bummer about the picture is that I would typically have her eyes looking downward at her actions. However, I chose to make her look straight since she is blind and wouldn't look in different directions often.  I think the effect of her looking straight is odd-looking.


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