Long Beach Comic Con Commissions: Mandalorian Soldier

Here is a commission that is based on no established character. This is a specific request where a costumer asked for me to draw his custom Mandalorian soldier character from the video game Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic. He sent me different pictures that showcased his different body parts. The challenge of the piece was drawing all of the different references and putting them together into one drawing.

While I am used to drawing Boba Fett and his unique Mandalorian armor, but with this picture I tried something different by inking the texture of the suit differently to give it more of that rough-and-tumble texture.  Instead of inking in straight lines, I inked it by drawing squiggly lines and circles.  You can see it in the left shin guard. My favorite part of the picture is the squinty eyes I gave him.  In the past, I used to just draw the eyes on every character, but recently I have been playing with the shadows more. Hence, I did not actually draw any eyes, but it comes across as a shadowed area of his face.


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