Long Beach Comic Con Commissions: Mirage and Cliffjumper

I am not going to lie. I am not a fan of this commission that I did.  I initially thought it would be an easy drawing because I had to draw the Generation 1 Transformers versions of Mirage and Cliffjumper (as opposed to the infinitely more busy looking Michael Bay movie versions).  However, it turned out super difficult because I realized that I am not familiar enough with the character designs to proficiently draw them. Also, I hate drawing all of these straight lines and moving the ruler all over the place to draw them.  Lastly, the picture looks so plain and empty in comparison to the other commissions that I did. I actually meant to have the words "BFF's Forever!!" at the bottom of the page, but I completely forgot to draw it. Perhaps one day, I will be more comfortable drawing  Transformers.


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