Long Beach Comic Con Commissions: Aliens versus Predator

Ah, yes.  Alien versus Predator!  Now that is a concept that I can get behind!! I love drawing both of them and I think that my enthusiasm really comes out on the page.

The truth is: I took a longer time on this commission than normal.  I think I clocked in at drawing this for over an hour and you can see the details shine through, such as the Alien's arm. The funny thing is that I actually shortchanged this picture and meant to draw more. So for example, I didn't have enough time to draw the Alien's tail. Nor did I completely draw the Predator's right leg, right arm, and all of the netting on his body.  Fortunately, there are shortcuts so the picture did not look incomplete.  Like, I half drew the Predator's right leg and then filled it in with speed lines. Or I made the netting ripped off half his body to hide the fact that I didn't feel like drawing that anymore.  Sometimes, the shortcuts actually improves the picture!


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