When I am supposed to be working....Dr. Fate

I have been watching Young Justice on Netflix recently and I really responded to Dr. Fate's  costume design on the show.  It was slightly tweaked to make it look a lot cooler than the normal comic design.  What is more is that I never felt like the redesign on the show was too busy looking, something that I cannot say for the New 52 designs of their superheroes.

Combined with the inspiration to draw Dr. Fate's new design and hearing news of Marvel Studios upcoming new movie Dr. Strange- a movie that will be inspired by magical, psychedelic designs-I drew this piece when I was in class.

There is something appealing in the weird simplistic circles that surround Dr. Fate.  They are inspired by the Steve Ditko's Dr. Strange drawings. They look weird, but they are also really easy to draw.  You may note that there are some circles that have more dark lines around them. That was my attempt in trying to vary the different line thicknesses, but I guess it doesn't look that great. Fortunately, the circles look really good when I make them look squiggly and slightly misshapen.


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