Madame Masque

Madame Masque is one of those Iron Man villains that I am surprised was never used in a movie.  She is a love interest who has an evil side, that seems to be the kind of stuff that filmmakers would eat up. Oh well.  In any case, she is the daughter of a mob boss who dated Tony Stark until she got into a horrible accident that scarred her.  The best way to describe her is this following scene from the comic The New Avengers; Illuminati #4:
By Jimmy Cheung

Lately, I have been really going crazy with the crosshatching.  I really like the way the lighting is on the blacks of her costume.  Also, her female form looks great.  It is rare that a pose that I want is literally translated onto the page, so it is great when she looks exactly how I imagined.

If you can't tell, this was done all in pen, so you can see all of the sketch lines.  Beyond that, you can also see that I drew this on binder paper, so this is not the most polished looking drawing.


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