When I am supposed to be working....40

I really, really like this Aquaman!  I am always a huge fan of Geoff Johns' run on Aquaman back when the New 52 started.  One thing that I like about that comic is John's adherence to Aquaman's orange, scaly shirt.  It looks tacky and silly, but I think that if you are reading comics about dudes who talk to fish and carry around a trident in broad daylight, orange scales is not that crazy in retrospect.

I am really trying hard to do some more stuff with lighting and deep, deep shadows.  I feel like since I do stuff in black and white, I should emphasize the black of it more to give more substance. I am also playing around with a sun as a backlight.

I was very surprised how well it turned out. I am so happy that the crosshatching was consistent with the sun rays.


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