When I am supposed to be working...39

I did up this little sketch Zantanna, the resident, backwards-speaking magician on the Justice League. I have been thinking about her more lately since I started using her character in the fighting game Injustice: Gods Among Us.

I really like drawing Zantana because of the whole black on black top hat and coat ensemble.  It makes it more challenging to distinguish her different body parts when she wears almost all black.  That is why I opted to use white lines to show the different parts.  Also, I am still trying to show the glossy texture of her coat by using the shadowed lines.  I always think that it does not look at first, but when the picture is done, then it looks amazing (if I followed my light source correctly that is). If I had one regret, it is that I wish I had more room in this picture to draw her top hat in the left hand corner there.  You could kinda see it, but it is super hard to understand what it is if you are a person who has no concept of the character.


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