Hey all.  I took a couple of weeks off and went on a vacation from blogging and other stuff.  So I recently reread the much talked about Spider-Man storyline "One More Day". And the verdict is... it is still awful.  Like, it doesn't even make sense from a story perspective.

Anyways, while the story is predictably crap, the art was pretty excellent. Artist Joe Quesada is usually really detailed and impressive.  So I was inspired to draw the villain from the story, Mephisto aka the literal devil.

The funnest part drawing Mephisto is his hair.  I am usually not a big fan of drawing hair because the lighting is really hard to capture sometimes.  However, I am doing a thing where I am cross-hatching the heck out of my drawings and it actually is a helpful exercise that forces me to think of where the light falls on a figure.  So his crazy hair is a really fun.


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