Lantern Corps

I have made it known on this blog a few times that I love Geoff John's Green Lantern comic run because of the sheer number of long lasting characters added to the Green Lantern mythos.

This piece here took some time to do.  I am quite proud of how the light rays shine off of the different characters' arms and bodies.  I also took great stride to make sure that each character look and are sorta posed in a different way.

The way light shines off of the leathery, slick look of the Lantern Corps' costumes was interesting.  For the black sections, like on the Green Lantern or Sinestro's costume, I had to use more cross hatching to give it that more "folded-fabric" look.  However, for somebody like Star Sapphire, her costume is practically metallic, so I had to put extra shine on her.


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