"I will bathe the star ways with your blood..."
Ah yes, Thanos.  He first appeared in-of all places-an Iron Man comic and now he is destined to be the next villain in the third and fourth (!) Avengers movie.  Thanos is a powerful alien from the moon Titan.  What is also important about Thanos is that he a lover and collector of pretty jewelry and fancy gloves.

Anyhoot, this is my second stab at drawing Thanos half-sitting in his throne.  My first attempt was so ugly that I crumpled it up and threw it away.  This is my second and more refined attempt.  Speaking of refined, this picture is actually anything but.  I normally draw with with flatter blacks and more neat lines, but when I saw how my scanner displayed my scribbles, it made the picture more alive for me.  It gives off a good sense of organized messiness that implies that there is a lot of destruction all around Thanos.


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